Oregon State Tax Filing

Oregon Tax Preparation Includes:

  • Secure online tax preparation
  • File federal and state taxes
  • 100% accuracy guarantee
  • E-file and direct deposit included

Federal return free for everyone
Oregon return only $12.95

Oregon Tax Filing

State Services

State e-file included - Save a trip to the post office and e-file both federal and state returns. When your tax returns are accepted you will receive an email. State availability

Quick import from federal return - This feature will transfer the information from your federal return to your state return, saving you time and helping you avoid errors.

File part-year and non-resident tax returns - If you lived or worked in multiple states you can file a tax return for each state. The cost is $12.95 per state.


Federal Tax Return FREE
E-file FREE
Printable Tax Return FREE
Tax Extension FREE
Completed Return Backup FREE
State Tax Return $12.95
Part-Year/Nonresident Returns $12.95
Prior-Year State Tax Return $12.95
Deluxe Edition $6.99

Supported Federal Tax Situations

Our tax software is easy enough for first-time users and is powerful enough for advanced tax situations. Your federal tax return is always free even if you have a complex return. The following situations are supported on your federal return for free.

  • Selling, Buying, or Owning a Home
  • Education, College, and Teacher Credits
  • Birth of a Child
  • Child Tax Credits
  • Marriage & Divorce
  • Earned Income Tax Credits (EIC)
  • Capital Gains
  • Office & Business Expenses
  • Rental Income
  • Investment Income or Losses
  • Traditional & Roth IRAs
  • Retirement and Pensions
  • Military Income
  • Charitable Contributions
  • Gambling Income
  • Farm Income
  • and more...

Oregon 2016 Tax Updates

The Oregon Department of Revenue made several changes that affect the 2016 tax year. The federal tax liability subtraction increased to $6,500 for married couples and $3,250 if married filing separately. Oregon added the Working Family Household and Dependent Care (WFHDC) credit that replaces the child and dependent care credit and the working family child care credit.

Additionally, the credit for the elderly or disabled, Individual Development Account withdrawal credit, credit for employer dependent care assistance, loss of use of limbs credit, wolf depredation credit, and credit for low-income caregivers have expired in 2016. The additional exemption credits for severely disabled and disabled children are no longer available for taxpayers whose adjusted gross income is over $100,000. Finally, the age limit for the special Oregon medical subtraction increased to 64.

Supported Oregon Forms

  • Form OR-40
  • Form OR-40-P
  • Form OR-40-N
  • Form OR-EF
  • Form OR-40-V
  • Schedule OR-DONATE
  • Schedule OR-ASC
  • Schedule OR-ASC-NP
  • Schedule OR-WFHDC
  • Schedule OR-WFHDC-NP
  • Schedule OR-ADD-DEP

File Federal and State Taxes

We make filing your state return easy. After preparing your federal return your information is carried forward to your Oregon return. In a matter of minutes both federal and state tax returns are ready to be e-filed. If you prefer, you can print and mail your return.

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